product description:

BS-40 is a single-coil coil wire system for coiling wires, cables and pipe cables. Handles coil cables with an inner diameter of 300 mm and coil weights up to 30 kg

Processing methods:

  • Power supply and multi-core cable with round cross-section.
  • Another unique feature of the BS-40 design is the ease of unloading, the use of retractable nails and automatic safety covers.
  • The machine is versatile and can operate in two modes of operation:
     coil only – effective offline coiling of pre-cut material.
     Automatic coiling line-as a comprehensive post-processing accessory for cutting and stripping machines.


  • When the turntable rotates, the material is wrapped around the interpolating nail.
  • After the loop is completed, the rotation stops and the safety cover opens automatically.
  • The pin extends downward until it is submerged in the turntable, and the operator can simply remove the circled material.


  • Ergonomic design, more convenient to handle the coil.
  • Simple installation and procedure steps.
  • Through the connection of a specific interface, it operates in synchronism with cutting and stripping.