1. Device introduction:   

This machine is suitable for testing the insertion force and extraction force of various connectors. With the patented automatic alignment device, it will get a completely accurate insertion force testWINDOWS, Windows Chinese or English interface settings, simple and convenient operation, and all data can be stored (test conditions, displacement curve, life curve, inspection report —- etc.), the machine can be routinely inserted and removed In addition to the test, the product can also be used to carry out the tensile and compression test of the fixed force positioning and shifting at a fixed time. To accurately determine its actual life; This machine is suitable for all kinds of connector insertion force and pullout test. With the patented design of the automatic alignment device, it is possible to obtain a fully accurate plug and pull test, Because of the Chinese or English Windows interface settings, it is easy to operate. All data can be stored (test conditions, displacement curves, life curves, inspection reports, etc.), The machine is used for conventional insertion test, but also for anyone timing for product positioning shift test pressure, it is a high price strength test tool, and it can be collocation micro resistance measuring module options,to achieve accurate real-time monitoring on the connector contact resistance.     

2. Features Device characteristic:

2.1 It can print stored graphics (plug displacement curve, the life curve diagram, check report) 2. 2 The test conditions are all set by the computer screen, Convenient and fast (including plug-in stroke, speed, pause time, etc.) The test conditions are set by the computer tableau, convenient and fast (including swap stroke, speed, pause time)

3. Device main function:

.1 Connector plug life test

holding force .2 single needle and plastic test Single Pin connector with plastic retention test

3.3 The general compression or tensile test

. 3 .4 contact resistance test Contact resistance test

3.5 Timing time / force / displace test function