1. Overview of Device introduction: 

This machine is suitable for torque test of various products. NB shaft, mobile phone (single shaft torque, finished product torsion life test), LCD Monitor foot, rotary switch torque test and torque life test. It is easy to operate with Windows Chinese window screen setting. This machine is suitable for all kinds of products. Products include NB shaft, mobile phone (single spindle torque, finished torsion life test), LCD Monitor foot seat, rotary switch, etc .. The product has been configured Windows Chinese window screen to set the operation.

2. Features Device Feature:  

2.1 Can store and print graphics (torque – angle curve and torque attenuation life curve, inspection report). Can store and print graphics (torsion angle curve and the torque attenuation lifetime curve, inspection report).

2.2 Test mode: forward outbound, forward outbound return reversed to drive the outward reverse return forward outbound inversion drive forward backhaul. The Test MODE: Forward Stroke, positive rotation Travel + return; reverse travel, travel + reverse return; positive rotation travel + reverse travel + is to return.