1. Device Application of the Application of The Equipment :

Fully automatic coordinate measuring is widely used in machinery manufacturing, electronics, automobiles, hardware, plastics, molds and other industries. It can accurately measure the shape, size and shape and position tolerances of workpieces to complete parts inspection, shape measurement, process control and other tasks. Features: The use of a mobile bridge structure significantly improves its own sports performance. The full granite table, guide rail, beam and axis have the same temperature characteristics and rigidity. The whole machine has higher stability and reliability. Automatic three coordinate measurement is widely used in machinery manufacturing, automotive, electronics, hardware, plastic, mold and other industries, can accurately measure the shape of the workpiece, dimensions and tolerances, and complete parts detection, shape measurement, process control and other tasks .

Features: This product because of the use of mobile bridge structure, it can significantly improve their own performance.

The product has a full granite table, rails, beams and the Z axis, with the same temperature and rigid, and through finite element analysis, dynamic analysis, so that the machine has high stability and reliability.