1. Equipment use Device usage: Salt spray test is the surface for a variety of materials after coating, plating, anodizing, anti-rust oil, anti-corrosion treatment, the products of the corrosion resistance test , in line with the CNC , to ASTM , to JIS , the ISO Standard requirements. Salt spray  test is the test product corrosion resistance, such as coating, electroplating, anodizing, rust-proof anti-corrosion treatment products.  This product is in compliance with  CNC, ASTM, JIS, ISO’s standards.

2. Device Features  : 2.1 entire PVC board system, the internal use of advanced three-dimensional reinforcement ring with a production technology, the structure is strong, and never deformed, laboratory closures fully automatic lifting system. The  equipment adopts PVC material, the structure is strong, never deformation, test chamber sealing cover with automatic lifting system   2.2. It adopts automatic and manual water filling system , which has the function of automatically and manually reinforcing the water level when the water level is insufficient, and the test is not interrupted. The  automatic water supply  system, water shortage has automatic water level function, test without interruption. 2.3 Adopt precision glass nozzle, use 4000 hours to ensure no crystal blockage.
Use Precision glass nozzle, used 4000 hours to ensure no crystallization blockage. 2.4 The control buttons are on the same board, easy to operate, and clear at a glance. All the controls  are in the same operating board, simple operation, and stick out a mile. 2.5 with double over-temperature protection, insufficient water level warning to ensure safe use. Over-temperature Protection Dual, Water Level warning, Ensure® Safe use.2.6 Japanese inlet temperature controller, digital display, the PID control, high stability given platinum temperature probe, an error ± 0.3 deg.] C. Using Japan precision                                                                                                Temperature controller, digital display, PID control, high stability constant platinum temperature probe, the error of + /-0.3 DEG C. 2.7 The test tank adopts the direct heating method of steam, the heating speed is fast, and the standby time is shortened. The t est room  adopts steam for direct heating method, heating speed, shorten the waiting time. 2.8 The spray tower is equipped with a conical diffuse, which has the functions of guiding mist, adjusting mist volume, and evenly falling mist. The s pray tower  with conical diffuse, with guiding mist, regulating quantity of fog, and fog and other functions. 2.9 The pressure barrel adopts Henry’s law to humidify by heating and provide the humidity required by the test room ; the base of the test box uses 4 Wheel groove steel base, long service life, easy to move. The pressure barrels by Henry law of heating and humidifying, and provide the required humidity test chamber; test box base by4 round steel base, long service life, convenient to move.