1. Equipment use:

Mainly used in the production line or QA quality inspection for the noise test of transformer motor, mobile phone audio, speaker and other electronic and electrical products and internal foreign body inspection. Equipped with a ventilation device, which is conducive to continuous long-term operation of inspectors.

2. Technical parameters:

Sound insulation effect: When the overall noise of the external environment is not more than 75dB and the customer’s central air conditioner is not turned on, the background noise in the box is 40db or 30db or customized according to requirements;

3. Configuration and structure:

The composition of the mute box: mute box body, workbench, soundproof door single leaf (opening type), movable wheel frame, energy-saving lamp, opening of wire entry, etc

Structural materials:

1). Soundproof structure:

Due to the high requirements of the sound insulation box, the sound box is designed as a two-layer vibration isolation structure. The outer shell of the sound box (the same as the inner shell) is made of 1.5mm thick high-quality cold-rolled electrolytic steel plate and layer damping sound insulation material, and the exterior is sprayed with environmental protection paint The decorative surface is filled with vibration isolation materials between the two-layer shells, the inner layer has sound-absorbing module materials, etc., there is a sealing rubber pad at the door of the sound insulation box, and the box is equipped with product test cable interfaces.

2). Sound absorption and vibration isolation structure:

a. The inner surface of the box is affixed with 50mm thick wave strong sound-absorbing cotton.

b. The bottom of the sound insulation box can be equipped with movable casters with stainless steel brackets, and four shock absorbers to reduce the impact of external vibration sound sources on the sound insulation box.

4. List of key parts

Serial number Accessories name Regulation grid
1 Soundproof MDF The main soundproof wall is made of 12mm soundproof MDF, with aluminum corners around the edges
2 Decorative aluminum-plastic panel The outer layer of the main body is decorated with 2.5mm silver-gray aluminum-plastic board (the effect of the mute box beautifying the appearance)
3 Iron keel The main frame is supported by 25 * 50mm iron keel (to increase the firmness and safety of the mute box)
4 Damping sound insulation material The inner interlayer is filled with high-density damping sound insulation material
5 Soundproof MDF The inner compartment is encapsulated with 9mm soundproof MDF
6 Black fireproof wave sound-absorbing cotton The inner layer of the mute box is pasted with 75mm black fireproof sound-absorbing cotton
7 Single opening or double opening soundproof door 2 doors with single opening / outside opening double opening, door opening size: 500 * 1800mm
8 Inlet hole 30mm cable entry hole on the side of the cabinet
9 Caster The movable bottom with lockable castors . 4 only
10 Lighting ventilation device Equipped with fluorescent lighting, ventilation fan