1.  Application and applicable standard Device introduction: Temperature cycle test box is used for simulation: within a specific high temperature and low temperature range, the sample is subjected to temperature changes at a specific rate and passes through continuous cycles ; used to evaluate the temperature resistance of the sample reliability stacked in a change or removal of the welded portion Electronics stress . suitable metals include objects , plastics , rubber , electronic components and other materials or automotive electronics, avionics, military and consumer electronics ; Temperature Cycle Test Chamber the using : At a specific temperature and low temperature range, the sample is subjected to temperature changes at a particular rate and through constant cycles; To reliability evaluation of sample resistance to temperature change or remove the stress of the welded parts gathered in electronic products. Applicable to metal and plastic, rubber, electronic components and other kinds of materials or automotive electronics, avionics, military and consumer electronic products.

2. Device Features Device  Features:

2.1 unique patented design ( patent number: 201730294069.4 ), together with the focus on practical design was based on modern aesthetic design, to achieve the perfect combination of practicality and aesthetics; U nique the Appearance Design Patent (Patent Number The: 201,730,294,069.4), based at The ON emphasis on practical design with fashion aesthetic design, the realization of the perfect combination of practical and aesthetic;

2.2. Ultra-quiet design; operating noise is less than or equal to 60 db ( measured 1 meter away from the machine and 1.2 meters above the ground in front of the machine ), and can be used in your office environment like a refrigerator. S uper quiet design; running noise less than less than 50dB (1 meters away from the machine and 1.2 meters from the ground in front of the machine), like a refrigerator, can be used in your office environment.

2. . 3 . Device energy conservation and environmental protection: The company developed its own proprietary technology “Temperature saving control system (Patent No : 0970592 )”, the whole power consumption than conventional counterparts compared to control, the normal operation of the machine save energy consumption 40 % ; Energy-saving performance: Using the company’s own patented technology “temperature energy saving control system (patent number: 0970592)”, energy consumption compared to the traditional control methods, energy savings of 40%.

2. . 4 . Precision equipment & stable and reliable property: II type full range of products imported Korean temperature and humidity controller hardware + electrical self-developed control system ; apparatus precise temperature control (temperature deviation of less than +/-. 1 deg.] C ) ; The operation is stable and reliable (single fault-free continuous operation for more than 2400 hours; the operating life of the whole machine reaches more than 100,000 hours) ; The whole machine has over current and over voltage, lack of phase and phase leakage, water shortage, and wind motor fault protection ; heater Over current and over temperature protection ; compressor over pressure, overheating, over current protection ; condensing fan overheating protection.

Excellent control stability and reliability:  Type II series products adopt imported Korean temperature and humidity controller + self-developed electrical control system; The equipment of temperature control precision is high (temperature deviation is less than +/- 1 ℃ ) ; It ‘ s operation is stable and reliable (single continuous trouble-free operation is more than 2400 hours; equipment life is up to 100000 hours); The equipment has complete safety protection as  over current  and over voltage, lack of phase leakage, less water protection, fault protection of wind motor; Heating and humidification system protection: over current and over temperature protection ;  Refrigeration system protection:  c compressor over pressure, over temperature, over current protection , c condenser fan overheat protection.

2.5. TC-II series equipment provides nationwide worry-free repair and maintenance services: 2 years of free domestic warranty service + 2 free maintenance services during the warranty service period + 20 years of paid repair service, so that your equipment can be used without any worries;

PTH-II  series of equipment provides the national carefree maintenance service: 2 years of domestic free quality assurance service + 2 times of free maintenance service within the warranty period + 20 years of paid maintenance service, so that you can use the equipment carefree;