1.  Overview of the Device Introduction:

The UV aging test box UV uses the American ATLAS ultraviolet light tube as the light source. By changing and controlling the light irradiance, blackboard temperature, relative humidity, spraying, etc., it simulates the comprehensive conditions of outdoor ultraviolet light, heat and rainfall. The artificial accelerated aging test of the sample . UV aging test chamber, UV aging test chamber UV mainly uses the United States ATLAS UV tube as the light source. The product can change or control the irradiance, temperature, relative humidity, the spray and Simulation of ultraviolet light, outdoor heat and rainfall comprehensive conditions to carry out the artificial accelerated aging test of the samples.

2. Applicable standards The Applicable Standard:   to ASTM D4329 (Plastic); to ASTM G151, G154 to ASTM; EN 927-6 (Wood Paint); EN 1297 of (Roofing); EN13523 (Coil Coatings); the ISO 11507 (coating,); the ISO 4892-1 , ISO11895, EN1898, EN 12224 (Textile Technology); ISO 11997-2; GB / T14522-93 GB / T16422.3-1997 GB / T16585-96 ;