1.  Usage and the applicable standard ” Usage of the product and Applicable standard”

This test box is mainly used for electrical and electronic products to check whether the shell and seals can guarantee the good performance of the equipment and components after the water test or during the test . It complies with GB2423.38 GB4208-93 IEC60529-2001 and other standards.

This test box is mainly used to test the shell and seal of electronic and electrical products’ working performance of when it is placed in water or taken out of water

In line with GB2423.38, GB4208-93, IEC60529-2001 and other standards.                                            

2.  The system components and features The composition and characteristic of the system

The test system is mainly composed of water storage tank, spray system and control unit. It adopts advanced control unit by PLC + touch screen various electrical control components ;  so as to realize the test of IP3 IP4 IP5 and IP6 in one machine .

The test system is compos ed of water tank, spray system, consisting of the control unit. Its use of advanced control unit by the PLC + touch screen + all kinds of electrical control components; thereby achieving a machine to complete the IP3, IP4, IP5 , IP6 four standard test. (NOTE: For Rain Test Machine)